Jaksta Radio Recorder

Search for, listen to, and automatically download radio podcasts


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If you love to listen to the radio but you never have time when your favorite shows are broadcast and you always have to hear them on podcasts then this is the right tool for you.

With Jaksta Radio Recorder you can easily search for, register, save, and convert radio shows and podcasts from different stations onto your computer.

The tool includes a guide so that you can find and automatically record your favorite radio shows from stations such as iHeartRadio, Icecast and SiriusXM as well as podcasts from stations such as BBC, CNN o CBC.

Jaksta Radio Recorder podcasts can be downloaded as well as played via streaming, and your recordings can be converted into all of the most popular audio formats.

This program also includes a scheduler so that you can automatically download the programs which you won’t be able to tune-in to, specifying the time and the audio format you want Jaksta Radio Recorder to download from the website.

30 day trial version.

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